Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Magic Power of Self-Image

The most crucial key to personal change and growth is that of the Self-Image. Self-Image is part of the Belief you have about who you are and believe it or not, you already have an idea or perception, at least, of who you are right down to the very last detail. Well, you may not be aware of it consciously but certainly it is reflected upon the way you act or behave.

According to Self-Image Psychology Expert Late Dr Maxwell Maltz, each and everyone of us carry a mental image of ourselves in our minds and HOW we act or react is entirely based upon that mental image. If you see yourself in your mind as a "Fat person", you are highly likely to behave like a "Fat person". If you see yourself as an "Average student", you are highly likely to behave like an "Average student". If you see yourself as an "Achiever" type of person, you are highly likely to behave like one

I've seen over and over again people trying to change their behaviour but ended up screwing themselves into a cold turkey. Let's take for example, I've a friend who has been trying to stay slim but he just couldn't get himself to follow through his dietary plans. Yes, he may have used NLP to recondition his mind or NAC to link pain to not following through and pleasure to following through but if in his mind he sees himself as a "Fat person trying to pull through some slimming plans" nothing will work!

Alright so who's responsible for that self-image of yours. You! Think of self-image as if it were a Label and every time someones reprimands you "You are dumb at Maths!" you put on those labels. Soon, you'll find yourself being stuck over with all those


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